SINODIC is a dynamic Danish jewelry brand specializing in fine jewelries from colored gemstones to diamonds, with stylish designs and excellent quality, brings us the unique beauty from nature.

Vision: We dedicate to serve our customers with professional knowledge and excellent products, to become one of the most favorable fine jewelry brands from Denmark.

SINODIC collaborates with jewelry designers across Asia and Europe, selecting jewelry designs that express confidence, lifestyle and elegance for women that pursue excellence in their lives.

Our main product include amber, coral, pearl, opal, ruby, sapphires and various colored gem jewelries. We provide also customized jewelry with natural diamond coming from World Diamond center in Antwerp. All of SINODIC products are handmade by skilled jewelry craftsmen with high quality natural gemstones, precious metals.



SINODIC心诺帝是一家年轻富有活力的丹麦珠宝品牌商, 专注时尚优雅, 品质卓越的琥珀, 珊瑚等多种天然精品珠宝饰品。

SINODIC心诺帝的核心价值在其卓越品质和匠心设计, 我们广泛的与欧洲各国,多米尼加,台湾等优秀珠宝设计师和品牌商合作, 产品全部选材天然优质珠宝原石, 严格遵循国际天然宝石标准, 由技艺精湛的匠师手工制造而成。

愿景: 我们致力运用专业的珠宝知识, 卓越的产品和优良的信誉服务广大客户, 成为丹麦最值得信赖的天然珠宝品牌商之一。