SINODIC Jewelry specializes in high quality fine gem jewelries with precious metals, all the pieces shall be used and treated with cautious care to preserve the original gloss and elegance.

All gemstones have specific physical structure and chemical properties, SINODIC recommends that you take a good care of your jewelries during the daily use, avoid scratches and contact with chemical liquids, perfume, hair spray, washing liquid can easily reduce the gloss of the jewelries. Do not wear your jewelries while doing any physical exercises, house work, swimming, and any other sports activities may damage your fine jewelries.

After the daily use, keep your fine jewelries in the original jewelry box, avoid direct sunlight and humid environment, do not expose your jewelries in the bathroom in a long time. Fine jewelries adorned with diamonds and precious stones should be worn with cautions and examined after a certain period of usage, to avoid the risk of loosing the stones.




SINODIC Jewelry applies only genuine natural gemstones in the collection, which are carefully selected by professional jewelry designers and brand suppliers. All our gem jewelries follow the international standard, most of the items are natural without any treatment, and only a small range of colored gem jewelry collections such as ruby, sapphire, emerald are treated with heating, oiling, to optimize the color, cleanness and appearance of precious stones.

Unlike irradiation, glass filling, laser drilling treatment methods, heating, oiling are the most common and worldwide accepted treatment methods. SINODIC gives product guarantee of all of our fine jewelries, and each item can be certificated at any official gem laboratory worldwide.

 Colored gems are natural mineral crystals, they are the products come from the Earth, deeply under the ground or sea. Impurity, variations, inclusions are the main characteristics of the colored gemstones. All the natural features of the colored gemstones bring the unique beauty from the natural rather than imperfection. Natural gemstone is one of a kind, each jewelry piece with precious color gemstone is an unique piece with its individual charm.

Colored gemstones are fragile and do not possess the durability as diamonds. When wearing colored gem jewelries, do not scratch the jewelries with diamonds or any other hard objects, avoid chemical liquid and humid environment. To maintain and clean the colored gemstones, gently use a soft toothbrush and tepid water, and apply neutral oil to keep the gloss.



Amber is a pine resin fossil formed through 30million or even 100 million years, and it is a natural organic gemstone from the Baltic region. Over 80% of the world's amber are produced in this region, which is named the Baltic Amber. Amber is known as the stone of life, it is the only bio-wrapped gem condensing with million years of life, which is highly respected and loved by people worldwide.

Countries like Denmark, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia are rich in amber, embracing a long history and culture of Amber. In Denmark, amber is known as the Scandinavian Gold. Danish amber is well-known as the most famous amber worldwide for its finest quality, stylish and elegant design.

The Dominican blue amber is known as the king of amber in the jewelry industry, for its pure quality, color variation, and limited production.

Amber is an organic gemstone with low hardness and density, it requires gentle care while wearing the amber jewelries. Avoid starches, knock, oils, lotions, perfume, detergents, as well as exposure to long time direct sunlight or heat, in order to keep its natural gloss. We recommend you to wear your amber jewelry often, which can bring positive effect to your health, and also its a good way to keep the amber jewelry glossy and shine.




Coral is a colorful coracoid animal living in the sea. It secretes red, white or other colors of calcareous bones clustering together to form the skeletal fossils and shape like branches.

There are three main regions producing gem-level coral includes the Chinese territorial waters around Taiwan and southern sea of Japan, the Mediterranean island of Sardinia and the area near the Pacific Ocean.

The sea of Taiwan and Japan are rich in AKA and mono coral. AKA coral is considered as the highest quality and most expensive coral worldwide. The color ranges from red to deep red, the most expensive AKA coral are deep red with flawless surface and strong glossiness.

Italy Sardinian waters has rich resources in satin coral, which rank the second top quality after the AKA coral. Satin coral is also very precious coral species, the color ranges from orange, orange red, red, deep red, the deep red color can reach the top color as AKA coral. Midway sea coral color is shallow, and it mostly grows in the deep sea more than 1000 meters, which has been banned for production for many years.

Coral is an organic gemstone with low hardness and density, it requires gentle care while wearing the coral jewelries. Avoid starches, knock, oils, lotions, perfume, detergents, as well as exposure to long time direct sunlight or heat, in order to keep its natural gloss.




There are more than 3000 kinds of minerals in nature, however, only a few dozens of minerals considered as natural gemstones, can be used for processing in jewelries. The most famous and precious natural gemstones, including diamonds, ruby, sapphires, emeralds and Chrysoberyl (cat’s eye).

Diamond is a solid form of carbon with cubic crystal structure, known as the hardest natural substance in existence. Diamond is used to process into diamond jewelry, which is the most valuable gemstone.

Apart from diamond, all other gemstones are collectively categorized as colored gemstones, including diverse precious stones such as Tanzanite, Opal, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Topaz, Peridot, Garnet, Moonstone, and Turquoise, etc.

Natural gemstones have individual chemical and physical features, it is important to realize the differences between gemstones. We recommend you to wear your gem jewelry with extra caution, for the care of specific gemstone jewelry, please consult our specialist via the contact form.




天然宝石都具有其特有的物理结构和化学性质,SINODIC 心诺帝建议您在日常使用中参照相关宝石保养知识,小心佩戴您的珠宝,避免划痕,不要与有化学成分的液体,如香水,发胶,喷雾,洗手液等接触,避免您的珠宝失去天然光泽。不要在运动,做家务,游泳以及任何体育活动中佩戴珠宝,以避免可能对珠宝造成的损伤。



    SINODIC 心诺帝珠宝均来自优秀珠宝设计师和品牌商,我们精心挑选的珠宝首饰遵循国际天然宝石标准,绝大多数宝石为纯天然无任何优化或处理的,少量彩色宝石首饰系列,如红宝石,蓝宝石,祖母绿等,部分有经过加热或浸油优化,以提升宝石的颜色,洁净度和品质。

    与辐射,玻璃填充,激光钻孔的处理方式不同,加热,浸油是世界范围内普遍接受的常见宝石优化方法。 SINODIC 心诺帝为所有珠宝首饰提供品质保证,每件产品都支持在全球任意正规宝石实验室鉴定。

    彩色宝石多数为天然的矿物晶体,它们是地球的产物,深埋在地底或是浩瀚的海洋中。内涵微小矿物,裂隙,以及其他形态的包裹物等都是彩色宝石的典型特征。 彩色宝石特有的自然形态是大自然赋予的独特属性,而并非瑕疵次品 。天然宝石是独一无二的,每一件彩宝首饰都是具有独特自然属性,给佩戴者带来大自然瑰宝的奇特魅力。




    丹麦, 波兰, 德国, 立陶宛, 乌克兰, 俄罗斯等国盛产琥珀,有着悠久的琥珀文化和历史。在丹麦,琥珀被称为北欧之金, 丹麦海漂琥珀以其最优良的品质和简约优雅的设计风格,逐渐被世界认知并成为丹麦名品之一。

    多米尼加蓝珀产自加勒比海岛国多米尼加, 因其纯净的品质,梦幻般的荧光变化和极其稀有的产量被众多珠宝爱好者争相收藏,在珠宝界誉为琥珀之王。






    珊瑚是一种生活在海洋里体态玲珑,色彩艳丽的腔肠动物,称为珊瑚虫,珊瑚虫能分泌出红、白色等石灰质骨骼,并群集在一起形成的骨骼化石,多数呈树枝状,即人们所说的珊瑚。世界宝石级珊瑚产地主要有三处: 中国台湾省海域至日本南方的海域, 地中海意大利撒丁岛海域,太平洋中途岛附近海域。






    自然界有3000多种矿物质,但是达到宝石级别,常被用于加工成珠宝的矿物质只有二十余种,按照美观、耐久、稀少三个因素综合考虑,宝石一般可以分为天然宝石,天然玉石,天然有机宝石。 珍贵的天然宝石如钻石、红宝石、蓝宝石、祖母绿和金绿宝石 (猫眼石),即通常所谓的五大宝石。知名珍贵玉石如和田玉,翡翠, 天然有机宝石主要有珍珠 、珊瑚、琥珀 、象牙等。

    钻石在化学和工业中称为金剛石,是碳元素组成的晶体,是目前已知的自然存在的最硬物質,宝石级金刚石一般用来加工成钻石珠宝饰品,备受世人青睐。国际上把除了钻石以外的宝玉石统称为彩色宝石,包含各类珍贵宝玉石及半宝石如坦桑石、欧泊 、海蓝宝石、碧玺、黄玉、 橄榄石、石榴石、月光石、绿松石等。

    天然宝石具有独特的化学和物理特征,我们要充分认识各类宝石间的差异性,以便合理的佩戴和保养天然宝石类首饰。 我们建议您小心佩戴,如有任何疑惑,请联系咨询心诺帝专业销售人员和宝石鉴定师。